Beata Young


Serial entrepreneur Beata Young is the founder of a grassroots organization devoted to tech diversity, #WomenOnIT.

After coming to Malta in 2017 Beata quickly established herself as a leading digital strategist, advising the government eSkills Foundation, mentoring Celuna (winner of 2018 JAYE Startup competition) and judging JAYE Young Entrepreneurs. Having worked with major global brands like Facebook and GoDaddy through her previous initiatives across the world, Beata combines multi sectoral skills in innovative, attention grabbing yet durable business collaborations based on the Cindy Gallop maxim:

Shared values+shared actions=shared profit.

Beata’s goal remains breaking down the barriers that prevent so many people, especially women, from reaching their full potential. Her belief in the power of diversity to supercharge innovation across the global economy has been a driving factor for her startup ecosystem Mission ToRun and other organizations from Tokyo via Sydney to Montreal.

Beata has been a distinguished speaker at numerous international industry events and named publicly by Minister for Digital Economy Silvio Schembri as a fearless role model; recent speeches including at the Google WIT Summit have driven her #PugIT maxim viral.