Jamie North

Co-Founder & CEO

Jamie is one of two Co-Founders of Few currently, a holistic health and wellbeing booking and business automation platform, built to generate, support and grow the Holistic Practitioner Economy globally. Few was designed to encourage and educate its end users, into a better sense of wellbeing by offering numerous sessions covering physical, mental and spiritual fitness, both in person and online, along with challenges and content to enable them.

Being only 1 year old, Few has strategically positioned itself in Malta to utilise its size as a testbed for European and Global roll out.

Having endured previous failure of a Childcare platform in the UK in 2015 Jamie has since built upon product and leadership experience at 101 Ways where he led the growth of the UK Product Tech Consultancy across Europe, setting up operations and building revenue in The Netherlands and Switzerland, as well as the UK. Working with brands such as DAZN, Elsevier and Homegate AG.