Bjorn Azzopardi
Founder & CEO, Think & Loyale

A software engineer at heart and driven by the love of creating software Bjorn founded Think in 2003 with the vision of creating a tech based agency with a focus on UI and UX. As CEO Bjorn leads a team of creatives and techies helping clients develop digital products amongst other ancillary services. Bjorn also holds the CEO position in a startup venture where Think over the last three years used its knowhow in digital products to develop its own product. Loyale is a mobile first loyalty platform which is POS independent. Large companies both local and foreign have implemented this solution successfully. Following the positive validation in the market, Loyale is currently in the process of going down the SaaS route.

He is a father of two and loves spending time with his wife and kids. In his spare time, he loves sports mostly cycling and running which helps him clear his mind from the daily business routine.