Malta is becoming one of the
most dynamic hubs in Europe.

English speaking, business friendly, secure, sunny… many reasons that can explain this impressive on going success.

Supported by KPMG, and the Malta Communications Authority, the goal of Silicon Valletta is to create an efficient local network & raise awareness for the Maltese digital sector.

In 2016, a few local entrepreneurs decided to create Silicon Valletta, in order to federate influential individuals from the young digital ecosystem.

We aim to share knowledge, attract talent, investors and start-ups from all over the world.

About Silicon Valletta.

Silicon Valletta is an association set up by Malta based tech entrepreneurs that want to accelerate Malta’s attractiveness. What this means is both looking internally to understand the elements that we need to work on, as well as build bridges externally to show Malta’s strengths. The local community not only understand Malta’s staggering potential in the field of technology, but also believe that we should celebrate our successes.

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Who we support.


One of our main goals at Silicon Valletta is to offer help and advice to other start-ups to help them become more successful. Most of our members have passed through the hardships of starting up a company and we will gladly share our experiences with you.

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The business leaders who form part of Silicon Valletta are an influential group in Malta whose digital businesses cross borders across the globe. All members and attendees have been highly vetted and we pride ourselves on having a premium selection of digital businesses.

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Our ambition at Silicon Valletta is to attract forward-thinking, supportive and active investors that can help our members through the early challenges, and then beyond into funding international expansion. Helping member tech start-ups is trying to get off the ground.

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Our Members

Simon Azzopardi

Head of Product, Sherpa
Silicon Valletta President

Valery Bollier

CEO, Oulala
Silicon Valletta Board Member

Ben Carlotti

Co-Founder & General Manager, Oulala
Silicon Valletta Board Member

Stephen Chetcuti Bonavita

Co-Founder & VP of Sales/Marketing, Altaro
Silicon Valletta Board Member

Chris Kaye

Co-Founder & CEO, Sherpa
Silicon Valletta Board Member

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News & Events

December 21, 2016

Silicon Valletta Interview

May 25, 2016 in News

ZEST 2016

The MCA, TakeOff and myself have been working together to develop Malta’s biggest digital business conference called ZEST.  An event looking to attract 500 people, over two days, with two…

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