Yasmin de Giorgio


Yasmin de Giorgio is as a serial entrepreneur who spent the last ten years building start-up businesses in innovative fields and is passionate about personal development and mentorship.

She is currently involved in two key roles for two very different companies. She is very passionate about keeping the same core beliefs and ideas as the foundation for her work for both. 

In 2021, Yasmin joined Shireburn Software as Chief Executive Office taking over from her father who ran the Company for 38 years. 

Shireburn is a leading software products company specialising in development and support of business software solutions for retail, inventory, accounting as well as payroll and HR.

She is also the Founder and Managing Director for Sanya Eco Spa. This wellness hub has taken the traditional spa concept and expanded out to be much more relevant to the modern day challenges of stress and anxiety that many people struggle with. The mission is to provide support for people to heal, learn and most importantly go within.