When we started Silicon Valletta, we were just a handful of members, who knew each other relatively well and were keen to explore the idea of building deeper relationships with other like-minded individuals.

Simon Azzopardi

I would like to welcome you all to Silicon Valletta’s first-ever newsletter, something we have been speaking about for a while, but finally, feel that now is the right time to start.

Today, Silicon Valletta has a membership base of over 70 members and growing, with different backgrounds and interests. Each one with a unique and inspiring story. The fact that we are now so many, it is difficult to know who our members are, what we are all up to and keep up to date with the many amazing things happening in our ecosystem. This newsletter aims to bring us all closer by keeping us all up to date. 

First of all, this newsletter is not owned by Silicon Valletta, but really should be seen as a platform for our members to share big and exciting news, as well as interesting lessons learned. Have an interesting story? Want to share an experience? Hit an important milestone? Reach out to us. We would love to hear and share your story. 

This newsletter is just the first step. Silicon Valletta is being looked upon as the association where tech entrepreneurs meet and come together, and we are therefore building a platform where we can share our collective knowledge in both an intimate setting, as we do at our private and exclusive events, but also more publicly, with those that are interested in what we do. More on the latter soon! 

There are many things Silicon Valletta are excited about, for example, the upcoming peer to peer session organised in collaboration with KPMG ,discussing the importance of getting the most out of your board. As CEOs and founders, the board and good governance place an ever-increasing important role in our businesses, and maximising the value they bring is part of our responsibilities. 

We, of course, have several social events also coming up shortly, with the next one being drinks, sponsored by Soho (thanks Kris Petersen!). More details will follow shortly. 

Silicon Valletta is also very excited to announce that Adrian Galea has joined the executive team. Adrian has a strong background in raising capital for startups across Europe as well as a solid foundation in corporate finance, and we all look forward to his ideas and energy. 

Last, but certainly not least, Silicon Valletta will not exist without our sponsors and supporters. KPMG has been around from the beginning, supporting us from inception and today continue to support both us, as well as many in this ecosystem. A big shout-out to Russel Mifsud and the team at KPMG. Altaro, Sherpa and BRND WGN have been annual sponsors also and having recommitted for 2020, I would like to thank them for their continued support. And of course, a quick thanks to the board, who continue to drive and push Silicon Valletta to add value to its members. 

I look forward to seeing you all at our future meetups.

Thanks for being part of Silicon Valletta. 


Simon Azzopardi