Chris Knights

Head of People

Silicon Valletta Position: Brand

He doesn’t do suits, but he always means business.

Chris heads up the People Department at BRND WGN, one of the leading brand consultancies in Malta. He sits on the board of directors and forms part of the leadership team.

Chris has a broad working knowledge of business strategy and digital technology, information security, multi-tiered architecture and mobile technology. He is an experienced leader and technologist who is able to work with stakeholder at all levels to deliver meaningful results. He has the ability to understand, simplify and present the complex in an easy to understand way.

Chris co-founded an online hotel booking engine in 2004. Prior to, Chris worked for Accenture as an IT manager specialising in the project management of large systems for fortune 500 companies.

Chris is a dedicated father and husband who loves the ocean and exploration in general.

Chris holds a bachelor degree with honours in Engineering from Bournemouth University, UK.