Christian Peregin

Blonde and Giant
Head of Startup Services

Christian Peregin is Head of Startup Services at Blonde and Giant, a storytelling and branding agency that specialises in helping startups and scale-ups raise venture capital.
In just the last two years, Blonde and Giant pitch decks have helped over sixty global start-ups and funds raise over €1.2 billion in various investment rounds.
Some top client successes include grocery unicorn Flink (raised €202m, now valued at €4.8bn), Mondu (raised €17m, now valued at €250m), Finom (raised €12m, now valued at €70m), and Wanna (acquired by fashion unicorn FarFetch).
Blonde and Giant also offers an investor accelerator programme to Maltese family offices who wish to invest in global start-ups but do not have a path to access the best deals.
Peregin began his career as a journalist for Malta’s leading newspaper Times of Malta. In 2016, he founded his own new-media start-up Lovin Malta, from which he exited in 2022 to pursue a brief stint in politics.