David Vella

Altaro Software

As a co-founder and CEO David has led Altaro Software since the company was founded in 2009. Before Altaro, David spent 11 years at GFI Software with the last position being Director of Product Management responsible for product strategy, OEM relationships and M&A technical due diligence.

David possesses an entrepreneur mindset with a strong get things done attitude. Although lacking a formal academic education, due to a ‘hackish’ mindset, he self-thought on various disciplines including software development, sales, marketing and business in general. Along the years he was lucky to work with and for great individuals who helped David arrive to where he is today.

David sometimes also serves as a mentor to entrepreneurs as he enjoys sharing knowledge and learning new things from other entrepreneurs along the way.

Always to the point, truthful and no B.S. helps David in the quest to be a good leader.