Dr. Gege Gatt

Co-founder and CEO

Dr. Gege Gatt is a digital entrepreneur, an IT-Law specialist and an experienced Director serving on a number of company boards. He’s passionate about digital transformation strategy.

He is the co-founder and CEO of London-based company EBO.AI, an Artificial Intelligence platform which is disrupting the customer engagement industry through data. His work has been covered by Forbes, the Telegraph, the FT and others. He’s a Director at ICON: a software development company serving markets in central and northern Europe. He is the Vice President of the Malta IT Law Association which promotes awareness of IT law issues including privacy and cybersecurity. Gege is the Chairman of Beacon Media Group which is a multi-platform media service including online and offline channels.

Gege is a lecturer, and specialist examiner at the University of Malta. He is a regular contributor to IT publications and academic papers, and a frequent speaker at business and technology conferences. He has co-authored a book on Digital Psychology and 6 papers on digital marketing. Pro bono, Gege acts as a Board Member on the Vatican’s initiative on technology and well being in Rome: Humanity 2.0 for which he also mentored the first ever Vatican Hackathon.