Keith Fenech

Revulytics, Inc.
VP Software Analytics

Keith was the co-founder and CEO of Trackerbird Software Analytics, a Malta-based technology startup, providing Software Usage Intelligence to software companies around the globe. He bootstrapped the company to reach 50 million tracked installations, with customers including Fortune 500 US companies. In 2016, Trackerbird was acquired by Revulytics Inc. (formerly V.I.Labs), a technology company based out of Boston, USA. Following the acquisition, Keith joined Revulytics as a VP of Software Analytics and is now responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the Usage Analytics business within the company.

Prior to founding Trackerbird, he held senior product roles at GFI Software where he was responsible for the product roadmap and revenue growth for various security products. He also has 12 years of IT consultancy experience in the SMB space.

Keith holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Malta, specializing in high performance computing. Having an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for technology, he is often involved in mentoring early-stage startups.

Keith is a pilot and an adrenaline junkie and typically dedicates any free time to fueling his passion for extreme sports and adventure, with his favourite ‘relaxing’ activities being skydiving, rock-climbing, shark diving and aerobatic flying.