Max Thake


Max is an entrepreneur, writer and co-founder of peaq, a blockchain network powering the Web3 machine economy. Max has built multiple teams, developed brands and founded organisations during his five years in the blockchain space. He operates at the intersection between the humanities and sciences. He enjoys translating technological complexity, and using it to solve problems.

peaq enables individuals and enterprises to build apps for users of vehicles, machines and devices, while empowering both app builders and users to govern and earn from them. peaq’s clients include Fortune 100 companies such as Audi and NTT, and is supported by current and former executives at Cisco, Skype, VW, P&G and Standard Chartered, among others. Max is also a Sigma Squared Society Fellow, a global community of the world’s most ambitious founders under 26 and has been featured in the Financial Times, Business Punk, Die Zeit, and Hackernoon for his work with peaq.

Now 25, Max is dedicated to leveraging blockchain technology to enable a more inclusive, transparent and equitable world.