Nicola Gatti

KHS International Holding Ltd


Nicola has 30 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, in the online financial sector, and in the automotive repair sector, working for multinational companies, for the last 20 years in high-level management positions.
He has worked for several different companies in Italy, France, the USA, Greece, Latam, SE Asia and Malta, and his career is characterized by a great variety of functions and roles: from technology to marketing, strategy, M&As, direction of international subsidiaries, human resources, purchasing, strategic consulting and high direction.

He holds a Master Degree in Engineering and an Executive MBA. He is an Associate Professor at IE Business School and teaches Strategy in International Executive MBA courses.

Nicola has an entrepreneurial spirit and always welcomes and undertakes new challenges, as proven by a successful track-record in complex and challenging situations, including start-ups.