Simon Attard

Tech Entrepreneur

Co-founder of Altaro Software, a leading developer of backup solutions for virtual machines and Office 365. Altaro was successfully acquired by HornetSecurity in 2021.

At Altaro, Simon designed and built Altaro’s backup products alongside his co-founders and software engineering teams. Subsequently, he served as Chief Product Officer, as the company scaled to 50,000+ global business customers.

Following the acquisition, Simon took on the role of Product Prototype Director at HornetSecurity until 2022.

Prior to Altaro, Simon attained a B.Sc.IT (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Malta. Next he started his career in software development, building job management and time-billing software solutions for legal and corporate services firms.

He is a software developer and product manager with over 15 years experience building and shipping software products used by thousands of customers.

Currently he is focused on furthering his studies in Machine Learning, while researching and building innovative AI products.