Stanley Muller

AIVHY ltd.
Commercial Director

Stanley is a Dutch entrepreneur working for AIVHY, a Tech and Innovation company based in Malta. Based on the principles of Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT (IIoT), AIVHY operates globally by providing a unique IIoT solution architecture that enables interconnection of operational assets, machinery, people, devices, and IT/OT systems within an industrial enterprise to become faster, safer, smarter and more efficient.

Stanley has worked globally with premium customers and has been involved in projects to provide continuous improvements within a high-tech industrial environment. This experience taught him how important it is to stay ahead of competition through innovations, which help also to generate new business value.

In addition to his role at AIVHY, Stanley serves as the president of NIM (Nederlanders in Malta) and is a committee member of the Technology Business Section at the Malta Chamber. He actively seeks to connect different networks internationally, leveraging his positions to foster connections and collaborations.