Pierre Mallia

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Pierre is the originator behind iMovo, a CX & Digitalisation consulting company headquartered in Malta with remote teams in Portugal, Italy and Lebanon. iMovo has worked with hundreds of business clients around the world including Tesco, Dr Schar, Zendesk and many others. The company is a leading partner with major technology vendors such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Qlik, Talend, Tableau, UiPath and Microsoft.
Prior to iMovo, he spent 7 years at Microsoft where he joined in 2003 to set up the Malta subsidiary and finalise a number of strategic agreements with the government of Malta and other major local entities. During his time at Microsoft he also worked with the Microsoft outreach team in Brussels and was involved in designing programmes aimed at European start-ups and SMEs.

Building on the experience he gained in this role, he went on to found iMovo, which became an early promoter of the concepts of CX ( Customer Experience ) and data-driven organisations. He was responsible for the internationalisation of the company, which today has customers in several countries including the UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Cyprus as well as Malta.