Zak Borg

Anchovy PLC

Zak Borg heads the Business development decisions of the ANCHOVY. He holds an undergraduate degree in computer science and a master degree in software engineering for embedded systems from Fraunhofer IESE.

Over the past 5 years Zak has worked at PricewaterHouseCoopers as an I.T consultant as well as the project lead of the MARSSA project. Over these years Zak built up a strong network in the Luxury Superyacht domain as well as a strong network in the high tech software industry.

Late in 2009 Zak started IntelliMare Ltd, his first venture as an entrepreneur. The company was focused on R&D in the marine industry, with the main focus being on an Automated Yacht Berthing solution.

Zak is now fully focused on Anchovy Luxury & Digital, bringing in new business, generating ideas and selecting the most appropriate technologies to be used when working with clients and in house products. Zak’s passion for the sea and luxury products is second to none.